About Us

Mission Statement

At PS 139 we focus on the development of core values as the foundation for student achievement and personal excellence. We recognize that each individual brings with them unique experiences, understanding, cultural outlooks and interests and we leverage those differences to prioritize intelligent, thoughtful and responsible student discourse and advocacy as a way for all of our students to have a voice in the shared experience of being a PS 139 scholar. We commit to teaching every single student, by example and explicit instruction, the importance of putting forth their best effort in all they do, identifying and utilizing their unique talents and abilities to empower them to achieve at their personal best.

School Vision

PS 139 is a community of teachers and learners where we recognize the importance of personal excellence in all our endeavors – academic and otherwise – to effect positive change in our society. We call out and actively address injustice, celebrating the beauty and vitality of our diverse community as we tirelessly work to promote equality, academic achievement, and the opportunity for every single student to be seen and heard.