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Greetings from Principal Rolon


As the proud Principal of PS 139, and on behalf of all of the students and staff at this amazing school, welcome!  In these pages you will get a sense of the many wonderful things going on at our school, but rest assured it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here we strive to give our students the tools to succeed not just academically, but in life.  Our teachers and staff members are second to none, with the knowledge and experience to help our students reach their greatest potential as well as the ability to provide the attention and care to make them feel safe, secure and heard.

Please take advantage of all of the wonderful resources you will find on this site, and come back frequently as we will be making sure the information remains current.  If you are new to the school, it is the best first step in getting to know what we are all about.  If you are already a part of our school community this should serve as a useful and convenient resource.  Either way, we are always available to provide any additional assistance or information you require.

Thank you for visiting and come back often!